The Lowdown on Antidepressants

PRACTITIONER PERPSPECTIVE – The Lowdown on Antidepressants Featured in the magazine ‘Health and Herbal’ Volume 20 . Issue 1 . 2010 By Brian Dodds   I doubt there has been a more stressful time in history than the age we are living in now. It isn’t the type of stress where the cause is plain to see… It’s a lot more subtle…so subtle we often don’t even know why we’re stressed, so we tell ourselves that something must be wrong with us personally.   Personally, I found life while living in Third World Countries less depressing than at home here in New Zealand. To put it bluntly, the sick have already died and the ones still living are alive…very alive. They take life as it is and cherish the good times. Each one of them is reminded every day of how fragile life can be.   Why do I find it more depressing in NZ? Why are so many of us like the “walking dead” with our feelings half shut down? This question sounds like an exaggeration but it rings true to me when ….