I think the Western diet is probably the worst in the world, especially in Britain, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The overconsumption of refined carbohydrates, processed meats and pasteurised dairy products has led to generations of lethargic people craving those very foods.

My training was in Japanese macrobiotics but I am keenly aware that each country has its own traditions and ideas about food. Over time these become habitual and difficult to change. The ancient medical systems adapted to compensate for deficiencies. In India, where people have been eating sugar and dairy products for centuries, it would not be acceptable to instruct people to stop eating them. Instead the Ayurvedic health care system works around this by warning that stress and its connection with digestion are at the root of most disease. So the Indian people do their best to take it easy and in doing so lessen the hyperactive effect of the colourful sweets found in shops in even the poorest villages.

The detrimental effects of the Western diet have been made even worse with the addition of preservatives and other chemicals and processes that refine the wholesomeness out of food. After several generations, and with the worst of Western food spreading all over the globe, the results are becoming acute, including ‘attention deficit disorder’ in children and obesity and cancer in teenagers.

Our diet and the food industry in general are an indication of the disharmony present upon the planet, the collapsing of a system that no longer works.

If this is to change, the principles of harmonic energetic balance, already found in nature, must be integrated into all existing and future technologies … and the science of food must be included.

Brian Dodds


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