THE SALIVA TESTS  (General information)

To assist you making a decision concerning the taking of a Saliva Test I would like to mention a few points for consideration. The first is that most of the problems encountered in these tests seldom show up on ordinary laboratory tests except when the problem has become very acute. In this way they could be seen as an early warning system telling you of what may lie ahead if you don`t correct it in the early stages. Hopefully then, it will encourage a change of attitude towards a more preventative approach to health, rather than the well established curative approach prevalent in the world today.

The second point to consider is that all treatments and supplements suggested, attempt to bring about a natural correction of the problems. In taking this approach it needs to be understood that progress usually takes longer than the conventional drug approach, which tends to address the symptoms only. Having said that though, quite often dramatic results are encountered with a single body function being corrected or an allergic food being removed from the diet.

You may soon notice from the test results that to correct everything would involve quite a large change in life style, not to mention cultural eating habits and social structure.

Therefore to help you choose your level of action, the intensity of the conditions tested are graded on a scale of 100 down to zero. The lower the number the greater the intensity. In this way a person can choose to what degree he or she is willing to work so as to bring about a return health. Basically the more you do the more results you get.

It is hard to give an exact correlation with normal hospital tests but in general it could be said that results of around 55 or lower are likely to show up under the conventional system.

Another thing to mention at this point is that often after several functions in the body have returned to normal the person will have a higher tolerance to the life style they are leading. Especially in the area of allergies they will find that after a certain period of time they will probably be able to return to eating alot of the foods they were allergic to before. This is often the case, with the exception of foods which are gradually becoming recognized as foods which are not good for us at all.

I hope this can help you in making your decision.


Brian Dodds



If you decide to do the test then you must stop

taking all supplements for at least three days

before taking the saliva sample.

If not the results could be affected.