Brian’s background in health spans 30 years including several years in Japan studying shiatsu and the macrobiotic way of health.

On returning to New Zealand his own health issues led him to further study of radionics and Voll-type diagnostic and treatment machines.  He soon developed a part-time practice in allergy testing.

While in practice he became interested in the colonic work of V.E. Irons and Bernard Jensen. After trying the cleansing program, he began to wonder if it is possible to have good health with so much toxic waste in the bowel.  With study and training he became the Australasian consultant for ‘Colema Boards of California’.

In his practice Brian soon became aware of the profound effect of the mental/emotional state on the physical and vice versa, and the limitations of machines, through lack of consciousness, in facilitating a permanent psychological cure.

He came to believe that every emotion will activate some part of the body and every painful part of the body will contain, in the cells, the memory of the experience that caused it.

He was occupied the next few years developing methods of emotional trauma release.

At the same time, from his study of kinesiology he developed a brain repatterning system similar to Neurolink, EFT and N.E.T. These techniques enable the body’s innate knowledge to reactivate a healthy condition and reestablish it.  But Brian noticed that although the techniques are effective, often as one condition was cured another would arise somewhere else. He concluded that for every illness there is a corresponding life lesson to be learned.

More recently his brain re-patterning work has extended into research on the DNA: the reconnection of the original twelve strands, opening the way for our full potential to be realised on all levels.

In his practice now Brian integrates all his knowledge and experience, and as much as possible encourages all aspects of a condition—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—to be considered.