The oldest and most well-known combination program is the ‘Vit-Ra-Tox’ (VITamins, MineRAls & DeTOXification) cleansing kit pioneered by Bernard Jensen and V. E Irons. This seven-day program integrates fasting, fibrous intestinal cleansers, nutritional supplements and two colon irrigations per day. The irrigations can be obtained at a local colonic therapist or by buying or hiring the portable colonic equipment and doing them at home. An ordinary enema will not do the job. No solid food is eaten during the program, only fruit juice and the supplements provided.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system? It is a well thought out system that has been tried and proven over many years. Because no solid food is eaten, an overall cleansing of the body will also take place … not just the bowel.

However, this type of cleanse does not clean out the small intestine, and those doing the cleanse must take time off from work to get the required amount of rest.

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For people who cannot take time off from work, there are a number of effective bowel cleansing programs that permit solid food and are easier on the body. While they are not as helpful as Vit-Ra-Tox for cleansing the rest of the body, they have the advantage of thoroughly cleansing the small intestine through the action of specialised herbs. The cleanses take at least ten days and one can continue to work at more sedentary jobs such as office work. Although the best results are obtained if one has one colonic irrigation per day from the 3rd to the 10th day, reasonable results are still obtained without them.

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