The body/mind/brain relationship
Since long before the time of Freud people have been analysing human psychological tendencies in a quest to understand the patterns of the mind and learn how the parent-child relationship and other early experiences affect the adult in later life. Counselling and psychotherapy offer those with emotional issues an opportunity to understand what has happened in their lives and to see clearly their habitual reactions in certain situations. This can be helpful and has become standard practice in the conventional medical model.

However, understanding why a certain thing happens does not necessarily free one from the emotions or the pain caused by it. In some cases this awareness may increase the frustration within as the person struggles with his or her inability to change the distressing pattern. This inner conflict only worsens the problem.

The fact that every emotion triggers a response in the body is itself something to contemplate. To be able to simultaneously experience the emotion and notice the part of the body it triggers requires a learning experience of many weeks. The ten-day Vipassana course is an introduction to just that.

When you choose to embrace your inner pain, to open to and experience the part of the body that holds the tension, the story around the original experience will slowly arise.

The tension or pain is there because you could not assimilate or come to terms with the original experience.

Opening to the content of the experience is the starting point, and staying connected with the body part is the process by which healing can take place.

I have worked with and developed many methods of emotional trauma release and emotional integration, some of them having parallels to Neuro-link, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) etc. Many of these techniques tend to reframe or delete the stories that mind creates around experiences which are automatically programmed into the brain. As we all know the mind is a very powerful thing and when it gets out of control or misguided it can do a lot of harm.

My understanding is that the trauma needs to be released from the body, the mind`s negative story reframed or deleted and the life lessons learned. Once achieved the body/mind will regain its balance.


Brian Dodds


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