Full Regeneration


Chapter Excerpts


This book is a development of my work in the health field over the last 25 years.  Also included is the story of my personal journey of returning to health after many years of chronic fatigue and sickness.

I am presenting an understanding and hypothesis that goes way beyond the question of physical health.  Simply, it gives a picture of the possibility of full regeneration of the physical body and unlimited spiritual development of the mind.

It is not written in the language of the medical scientist.  Purposely I have written it in the language of everyday people living everyday lives.  It is an attempt to demystify the scientific approach presented in medical literature and empower the ordinarily people to take charge of their own health.

For those who have an understanding of health it covers principles of basic nutrition and cleansing systems right through to the reprogramming of the DNA.

For the people who are only familiar with the Standard Medical System it is a chance to gain some understanding of the difference between the symptomatic remedies of the drug system and the other modalities which are more concerned with addressing the cause.

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In his latest work; Full Regeneration - The Ultimate Health Journey Brian Dodds opens many doors to the body-mind-spirit relationship that may allow readers to heal themselves. Dodds’ fascinating personal health journey took him from poor-health as a designer-jeweller travelling and living in the east to wellness as a health specialist and healer living working and researching in the west. Here he shares his latest research work and ideas in a fascinating read that relates modern science with ancient understandings and takes the reader to completely new vantage points from which to regard and work on his or her healthful existence.

Graeme Beals Publisher

I have just power read through your book FULL REGENERATION in three hours tonight and fully intend to re- read on a more intellectual level over the next few days. I am not of the habit of leaping out of bed to email authors who probably do not have the time or inclination to ponder on a readers opinion...but this one time I just had too. Perhaps a little disjointed at times but I feel that you have so much information to impart...with such passion and enthusiasm...that the abundance of knowledge found it difficult to remain stuck to the page. It is thought provoking, inspiring and indeed makes one want to discard the apathy we so often possess with our own health and adopt a pro-active stance of well being.  WOW what a book Congratulations and THANK YOU

Liz Cadogan

Very readable and interesting. I found this book very readable and interesting. Brian Dodds covers a lot of territory in a few pages and this has inspired me to do further research into some of the areas he covers. This is a read that I have resonated with so much so I went to visit the man for a check up and came away impressed by his approach and his insights.

John Grater


 Few people in New Zealand would deny that the health system is in crisis. Thousands of people are suffering on waiting lists with many dying before treatment is available. Others, who are financially better off, are mortgaging their homes to pay for private treatment. Added to this, a large percentage of the population are unable on their limited incomes to afford medical insurance premiums.  This is indeed a crisis.

Many people are now questioning if surgery and pharmaceutical drugs are effective in bringing about a complete cure.  The medical profession considers cancer and many other diseases incurable, telling their patients that available treatments can only buy more time.

At the same time, the government is struggling to pay for rising medical costs.  Because of this lack of money new treatments and surgical procedures are not being introduced.  It is now possible to receive more advanced spinal keyhole and other surgery in India than here in New Zealand.

I believe it is time for a new perspective: a questioning of the present model and a consideration of alternatives … alternatives that could offer an optimistic future at an affordable price for the public and government alike.

This book gives one such perspective that is not limited to physical health alone.  It also encompasses the aspects of mind, body and spirit — aspects of health that the present medical system will need to integrate more if we are to overcome this crisis.

The book also describes my own experiences while overcoming ill health.  While it may have started as just a book of remedies for sickness, as it unfolded it slowly became a journey of life itself.  The healing of my own emotions and changing my belief systems gave me a completely different view of the world.  By integrating these learnings I was able to start work as a health practitioner.

Some years later further research brought me face to face with a deeply felt certainty that full regeneration of the physical body is not only possible, but perfectly natural.  This in itself would have been a good place to stop and take a rest, satisfied that I had overcome most of the illness which had restricted me.  But no, it didn’t stop there; it probably never does in this process of life.  One can get a strong feeling of certainty about something, then like magic the confirmation and scientific proof suddenly appear.

For me this came in the form of new discoveries about DNA — not in the traditional medical field where the genetic code of the body has been mapped in the hope of manufacturing and selling body parts.  No, I am talking about restructuring of the DNA through reprogramming … something much less invasive and certainly more empowering.  In this restructuring, the possibilities of our physical form are extended far beyond our wildest dreams.

It truly feels I have come a long way and I often wonder how I got this far.  It wasn’t as if the journey was signposted each step of the way.  Perhaps it is a testimony to ‘Kiwi ingenuity.’

I think New Zealanders are unique.  We have a special hands-on approach which is quite flexible and adaptable.  It won us the America’s Cup without the expensive technology available to the competitors.  In New Zealand, maybe because of our isolation, we look at a problem and can usually come up with an ingenious solution.  It may not be backed by years of training and logical understanding, but often it is exactly what is needed.

It is time for this to be applied in all areas of health.

In the final chapters we go beyond the accepted limitations of the human form to encompass what we are in our very essence … on an energetic level.  In doing so it is accepted that a merging of inner and outer worlds is inevitable — returning to the fundamental source from which we came … to become masters of the very energy that is existence itself.  In short it is an introduction to ‘transformation.’


An Overview

With regard to health I have come to believe that all aspects of the body/mind … physical, mental, emotional and spiritual … all play their part in the total well-being of the individual.  For many of us that goes without saying, yet the degree to which these aspects are interrelated is little understood by conventional medical practitioners.  Where they are recognized, they are seen as separate factors and treated as such.  In holistic health, the interrelation is a finely tuned, mysterious dance — the physical cells, hormones, feelings, emotions, in fact, everything is continually responding to everything else.

As I delved deeper I have come to one fundamental conclusion. It is absolutely impossible for someone to have a feeling or an emotion without it linking to some part of the body. We may not be aware of it, yet it still takes place.  This leads to the further understanding that every experience, every emotion leaves its mark upon the body … and the body stores this experience physically in the cells.  Researchers call this cellular memory.

I would even go so far as to say that people do not become old through aging.  We get old for two reasons:

1)Environmental causes, which include everything from chemical poisoning  through to viruses and bacteria.

2)The accumulation of these unprocessed experiences, which are layered on the body continually year after year.

How might this process be described?  My explanation goes like this.

Any prolonged tension within the body indicates a problem that needs addressing.  If it is not, in time pain will become apparent.  For most people this is unwanted and seen as an inconvenience.  First the individual will withdraw attention from the area to avoid the feeling.  By withdrawing the person is not facing the issue involved … which may be a life lesson, an inappropriate belief or simply stress.  At some point, painkillers are used and the inconvenience is gone, except for possible side effects.  These may relieve the physical pain, but over time, the numbing results in a feeling of depression.  This may ultimately lead to feeling nothing at all: not feeling pain, but also not feeling pleasure.  At this point, other drugs are often prescribed, counteracting the resulting symptoms … the most common being antidepressants.

Finally serious disease ensues and the individual is faced with a crisis forcing him or her to take action.  In very serious cases the outcome may be cancer or another life-threatening condition, where the doctor recommends radiation or removal of the affected parts by surgery.

All this sounds very frightening and at the same time very disempowering.  Finally the doctor, whose predictions are based on his or her experience alone, delivers the prognosis to the new client and the family.  The circle is complete and the individual takes all the dire predictions into his or her mind.  This in turn sets off a new chain reaction in the body/mind, deepening the fear which is already present.

I want to say at this point, categorically, based on both my own experience of serious illness and my work with clients, that this whole scenario, although very common, is unnecessary.

It negates the natural process of the body healing itself.  It negates the process of an individual learning from his or her experiences.  It also negates any possibility of bringing about change.  It basically implies that we are not in control of our destiny.

This, to my mind, is the ultimate in disempowerment.

If this book helps you to step beyond our contemporary conditioning, allowing you to take back responsibility for your health … then writing it has indeed been worthwhile.