Colema Board

The Deluxe Colema Board®
Colema Boards® are safe, affordable, and effective for use in the privacy of your own bathroom.
The Colema Boards® Home Kit is designed to simplify a self-administration colon irrigation process. The Colema Board® provides thorough and safe cleansing of the colon, including relief of occasional constipation and bowel cleansing.

The Deluxe Board comes with a comfort pad, a hose set and 2  disposable insertion tubes.



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What is the difference between an enema and the Colema colon irrigation system

The enema

The enema is basically a hose with a water bag or bucket connected on one end. The hose is inserted into the anal passage and water is gravity fed into the bowel. As much water as possible is taken in (a bowel holds from 1 to 2 litres of water) but usually blockages and empacted faeces restrict flow and discomfort results.

At this point you try to massage to relieve the pressure and discomfort.
When that’s no longer possible, you disconnect the enema hose, rush to the toilet and expell the water without having messy accident on the way. Thus the rather traumatic reputation enemas have.

What is the Colema Board® colonic irrigation system

The principle is the same but with a few differences which end up making all the difference.

You lie comfortably on your back on the Colema Board® which fits over the toilet (or a 20 litre bucket if you prefer). Water is gravity fed from another 20 litre bucket as in an enema.              This is where the similarity ends.

Water is taken into the bowel until some pressure is felt. You then close the water flow tap, massage the bowel, then expel the water and waste while lying comfortably on the board. As simple as that. No need to disconnect and a rush to the toilet.

After expelling you simply turn on the tap again and repeat the process, each time releasing more empacted waste from the bowel. It is usual to take in water and expell 20 to 30 times in one session.

With an enema, you would do it once or twice depending on how much energy you have to run to the toilet, come back and reconnect a messy hose for another try.

The results over several days are correspondingly multiplied to a point where people who do only enemas often have no experience of the leather consistency type waste that is continually released in a series of Colema irrigation co-ordinated with the Vit-Ra-Tox or Ultimate Cleanse (9 part) kits.

Various mixtures can be added to the water to remedy particular ailments.


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Colema Board


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