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Few people in New Zealand would deny that the health system is in crisis. Thousands of people are suffering on waiting lists with many dying before treatment is available. Others, who are financially better off, are mortgaging their homes to pay for private treatment. Added to this, a large percentage of the population are unable on their limited incomes to afford medical insurance premiums. This is indeed a crisis.

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I believe it is time for a new perspective: a questioning of the present model and a consideration of alternatives … alternatives that could offer an optimistic future at an affordable price for the public and government alike.   This book is a development of my work in the health field over the last 25 years.  Also included is the story of my personal journey of returning to health after many years of chronic fatigue and sickness. I am presenting an understanding and hypothesis that goes way beyond the question of physical health.  Simply, it gives a picture of the possibility of full regeneration of the physical body and unlimited spiritual development of the mind.





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Full Regeneration eBook


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