AIDS Project (Maesai Thailand)

In 1978 I contracted hepatitis and recovered successfully. Five years later after receiving a hepatitis B vaccination I became very sick with a virus that was later identified as HTLV-1. It took me ten years to recover. During that period I devoted all my time and energy to research extensively the protocols of vaccination, the structure of HTLV – 1, the AIDS virus, connections between vaccines and viral infections, and most importantly what methods can overcome these infections.

The fact that I am fit and well today at 67 years old is a testimony of the research and the protocols I developed.

Conventional Treatment of disease

It is my opinion is that the conventional medical system`s approach is to “kill the bug” and at the same time manipulate individual processes and functions within the body to alleviate symptoms. I believe this approach neglects the harmonic balance of the body as a whole. In terms of AIDS, the various drug approaches do in fact prolong the life of the clients, but the side-effects over time finally compromise the immune system to a point where full recovery is extremely rare.

In my practice in New Zealand, I have used my methods with success on many clients suffering from all types of conditions. However I have never had an AIDS client. The main difficulty is the fact that all AIDS cases in New Zealand are already closely tied with the drug based medical protocols and any deviation from that system is suspect from the conventional medical system’s point of view. The clients themselves are naturally afraid to stop taking the medicinal drugs and therefore the ability of any natural method is compromised to the where I no longer see any point in becoming involved.

Being curious as to whether my protocols could in fact be effective with AIDS, I came to the Baan doi orphanage in Thailand to find out.

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