Quite a number of years ago I was introduced to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse kit developed by Brett Elliott. At the time it was a 9 part kit which included probiotics and liquid herbal support formulas for the liver and blood. I was very impressed with this kit as it achieved very good results, especially if coordinated with colonic irrigations from day three to day ten. Because the cleanse allowed food in the form of soups, occasional salads and fruit, people could still continue to work as long as their job was no more physically strenuous than working in an office. They did of course need to rest immediately if they became tired.

Later Brett refined his kit to a four-part system using only the essential herbs needed for the elimination of the long-term plaque. He also put all the supplements into capsules to make it more user-friendly. In my experience, putting the psyllium based herb in a capsule could lead to that capsules swelling up as it dissolved, solidifying into a gel, and passing through the bowel without doing anything at all. I found that people using his 4 part kit while as having colonic irrigations ended up being quite fatigued, thus the need for the Brett`s original 9 part system.

After discussion with Brett he continue to supply me with all the items in the 9 part kit, and when not possible he gave me the contacts to source them myself. Brett also simplified his instruction book, again to make it more user-friendly. I wrote a booklet of my own which featured my understandings especially in view of coordinating the cleansing process with colonic irrigations. I also gave instructions for making a liquid shake from the psyllium based herbal capsules.   The Booklet

At this point of time I find this 9 part Ultimate Colon Cleansing Program the best system possible for people who cannot take time off work and the Vitra Tox kit by V. E Irons the best for those who can take the time off and have a complete rest while doing the program. The subtle differences between the two programs are described on the previous page.

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